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LT130 Gas Lamp/ Voltage Tester

It performs a complete lighting fixture test which
includes lighting the lamp with no power connection.
The LT130 tests the following lamps:

  • Fluorescent bulb.
  • Metal halide bulbs.
  • Mercury vapor bulbs.
  • High and low pressure sodium bulbs.
  • Neon bulbs.


  • Audible voltage indication
    5/12/24/48/120/208 to 240/277/440/to 600VAC/DC.
  • Audible continuity to 100k ohms.
  • Test ballast capacitors, diodes, igniters and photoelectric controls.
  • Telescoping antenna that fully retracts into the housing.
  • Prod holder for two-handed operation.
  • Replaceable antenna.
  • Separate battery compartment.
  • Neoprene voltage lead and alligator clip assemblies.

Unit includes:

  • Leather carrying case, lead assemblies and
    owners manual.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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